Energy Experts Alliance

 The four-member Alliance network provides a global solution to meet the energy management and data reporting needs of our clients with facilities around the world. This is the ideal business model for providing international account management services, providing invaluable “home market” expertise from each member of the Alliance. The Alliance covers Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Energy Experts Alliance Members are listed below.

Alfa Energy

Alfa Energy Group is an international energy and sustainability consultancy with more than 170 employees over 4 international locations. For over 25 years Alfa has been servicing its clients’ needs through energy management, sustainability and compliance consulting, and an eco-system of user driven energy and carbon management software platforms.

With coveted awards, an international industry-wide recognition, and clever simple solutions, today Alfa is partnering with clients to establish and deliver pivotal net zero strategies. Through smart energy management, the expertise and diligence of our people, transparent processes and data management, Alfa continues to lead through its recognised gold standard of service delivery.

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Comerc Energia

Comerc Energia was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2001 as both an energy management services and electricity trading company. Today, Comerc serves over 1,100 clients with a team of 400 experts across 7 offices in Brazil.

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Edison Energy

At Edison Energy we provide independent, innovative solutions and services to help leading commercial, industrial and institutional clients navigate and optimize the key challenges of cost, carbon and the increasingly complex choices in energy.

We take a collaborative and data led approach to analyzing and advising our clients on their energy portfolios. We provide solutions that meet their needs in renewables, energy supply, demand and sustainability.

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Energy Action

Energy Action (ASX:EAX) is a leading energy management, technology and services firm, offering comprehensive energy procurement and management services. The Company’s aims are to reduce electricity and gas usage and improve energy efficiency to deliver positive environmental and financial benefits for its clients.

Energy Action offers its business clients a complete energy management solution, regardless of their size, industry or energy consumption. Over 5,000 business customers with almost 24,000 sites under management across Australia and New Zealand are achieving greater efficiency gains and managing their risk with Energy Action.

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