Around the world, energy and carbon management is becoming more complex, and complex issues are best solved through collaboration. The Energy Experts Alliance is the first truly global energy management collaboration between the world’s leading energy advisory specialists. Established in 2010, the Energy Experts Alliance is a group of independent energy management companies providing the world’s largest businesses with global energy procurement, risk management, sustainability and data collection services across their facilities worldwide.

The energy landscape is constantly changing and evolving. The effects of events and economic developments resonate across the world and across all industries. As a result of requests for assistance in managing cross-continent, integrated energy management services from global clients, the founding members of the Energy Experts Alliance realized that organizations need a way to understand and control their energy costs and consumption worldwide.

Edison Energy in North America and Comerc Energia in South America were two of the founding members of the Energy Experts Alliance, with Energy Action joining the group in 2012. Energy Experts Alliance members were selected based on the quality of energy management advisory services each is known for providing in their market, as well as the guiding business philosophy and values under which they operate.

In 2016 Alfa Energy joined the Energy Experts Alliance. Alfa Energy was founded in 1995 at the beginning of deregulation of the energy market in the UK and is now responsible for over £1 billion of annual energy spend, supporting a range of clients from small enterprises to large multination corporations and consortiums.