Sustainability Services

Sustainability is now a key business imperative. Increasing energy prices, peak oil and carbon price and other associated legislative impacts are driving sustainability initiatives in most global businesses.

The national and international climate policy landscape is continually evolving. With extensive experience in developing and implementing cost effective energy efficiency and carbon management solutions, our teams assist clients locally and internationally, in reducing their energy usage and thereby carbon footprint.

Our international reach provides us with knowledge and insights into the Global Carbon Market and in-depth understanding into the Certificate market and the available trading opportunities.

With many organizations uncertain about the most effective strategies to reduce their long term carbon price variability exposure, our carbon management teams assists with analysis and advice on how to best hedge unavoidable carbon exposure.

Determining your organization’s carbon management strategy will help mitigate carbon exposure risk, associated financial impacts and assist you in becoming more competitive.

Energy Experts Alliance Sustainability and Carbon Management solutions include:
– Carbon Reporting
– Carbon Reduction
– Carbon Offset Management
– Energy Efficiency
– Renewable Energy Credits